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Besides the website ( and mobile site ( our network comprises the following outlets:

18 20 (24h) More info here

MEO Stores

FNAC Stores


El Corte Inglés


Altice Arena Ticket Office (only on event days. Opening hours: from 1pm until 30 minutes after the event starts).

Turismo de Lisboa


PagaAqui Stores

Campo Pequeno

IT Tabacarias

Turismo de Cascais

Multiusos de Guimarães

Altice Forum Braga

The person using the tickets to gain entry to the event will have no problems using tickets with another name printed on them.The name that appears on the tickets is the name of the user registered on our site. That information is used when resolving problems such as lost or misplaced tickets.

At the end of the purchasing process, you will receive a message confirming that the sale has been successfully completed, together with a link to an area on our site that shows the ticket details. A few minutes after the sale has been completed, you will also receive an email with all the details needed to receive your tickets via the delivery option chosen.

If your tickets are stolen, please send us proof of the police report and proof of purchase. Once we have looked into the matter, and if the transaction is identified, the tickets will be voided by our access control system (so any person bearing the tickets will be prevented from entering the venue) and new tickets will be issued.

You can ask for help by emailing or by calling the information and reservations line on 18 20 (24h) More info here.

The MEO Blueticket website is secure when it comes to dealing with personal data and payment details. Data transfers are made using secure protocols. We use best practice and procedures, and services provided by well-known companies. We do not store credit card details.

Please check event details for this information. In line with current legislation, the minimum age for admission to performances is set by the relevant bodies.

Multibanco (Portuguese ATM Network) - You will receive details (reference/entity/amount) to make the payment via ATM or internet banking - choose option "pagamento de serviços" (only available through Portuguese banks). This option becomes unavailable a few days before the event.Credit cards - VISA and MASTERCARD. Debit cards, such as Visa Electron, are not accepted.MB WAY - pay for your tickets using your mobile - link to instructions for MB WAY.PayPal - one of the easiest and safest ways to pay online.

Make sure that the ticket reservation you have made is showing that payment is now due (check the temporary reservation confirmation email). You should also be aware of the valid period for the reservation. Reserved tickets that have not been paid for within this time are automatically cancelled.You may also have difficulty paying for your tickets if you have selected the wrong option on your internet banking page: you should choose "PAGAMENTO DE SERVIÇOS" (pay for services) and not "pagamento de compras" (pay for purchases).If your bank's site does not have an internet banking option, you should pay for your tickets via an ATM. In that case, there is a single option: "PAGAMENTO DE COMPRAS/SERVIÇOS".

After you make a purchase, two transactions for the same amount may appear on your internet banking page; however, this does not mean you have been charged twice. Those details correspond do an authorization and to the transaction as such.The authorization for the transaction normally expires within 24h and thus disappears from the statement. Please check the statement again after that time, or ask your card issuer for further details. If this is not the case, please get in touch with us on

All purchases made through our website carry a commission of 6% + VAT, which is chargeable on the value of the whole transaction. Indeed, such a service charge is common across similar online ticketing services, whether in Portugal or abroad.Alternatively, you can purchase your tickets from one of the ticket offices that are part of our sales network (18 20 <24H> More info here, Lojas FNAC, Lojas WOR

Your card is charged as soon as the purchase is made and the tickets automatically become available for delivery/posting (depending on the delivery option you have chosen).

Tickets become available from the moment the purchase is made until the date of the event, so you can pick up your tickets whenever is most convenient for you. If the person collecting the tickets is not the same as the person paying, they must bring with them proof of purchase (confirmation email) and their own identification (ID card/passport or driver's licence).Altice Arena box office (event days).

Yes. During the final stage of your purchase, you can change the address the tickets are sent to. The default address is the one used during the previous purchase.

Yes. The option to receive tickets by post becomes unavailable when the event date is near and/or the posting address could result in the tickets not arriving on time. In such cases, the system will automatically make your tickets available by email (e-tickets) or for collection at the venue ticket office.

Please check that the address we hold on file for you is correct. If it is, please contact Blueticket on and report the loss so that we can ensure you are admitted to the event.

Yes, provided there is enough time for postal delivery. Otherwise, tickets will be available to pick up at the venue ticket office, or can be sent to you by email.

Tickets are printed and posted on the working day after they are purchased. Items are posted every working day until 7 pm. Your tickets will arrive between 1 and 14 days after purchase, depending on the delivery option chosen and destination address and country.

Yes. Customers in Portugal and abroad can have tickets sent by an express delivery service.

During the reservation process, you will see an option to add insurance to your shopping basket. The total amount payable will appear with the description "Cancellation of Attendance Insurance".How do I make a claim?Please send all the necessary documentation to Companhia Europea de Seguros, S.A., Departamento de Sinistros, Avenida da Liberdade nº 200, 1250-147 Lisbon. Documentation required:- Bank details (IBAN, NIB, SWIFT code);- Original receipt for the purchase;- The original ticket(s);- Clinical report (when there is a medical reason), detailing the illness, its causes, the date it started, any treatment initiated and for how long, predicted date of discharge or recovery. - If the cancellation is due to any of the other reasons indicated in the T&Cs, please send any original documents that show that the insured person will not be able to attend the event on the dates indicated on the ticket.- In order to be reimbursed for medical expenses, send original receipts for the expenses incurred, as well as the medical report of the doctor who treated the insured person. Your refund will always be made into the account you have specified.For your own protection, we recommend that you send your documents by recorded delivery.

Until you have selected "Add", tickets are available to other users who are online at the same time. Therefore, until that time it is possible for another user to purchase those tickets. In that event, please select other seats.

Your password is case-sensitive. Please check whether the caps lock is on.

No. Once you have registered on the site, you will receive a user name (which is your email address) and a password. Simply enter your user name and password and all your details will be added to the purchase order. For legal and security reasons, we do not store details regarding the payment process or credit cards.

Select MYMEOBLUETICKET/MY DETAILS, where you can view and edit your personal details.
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